Legacy Quest (2018)


Guide your Little Stonefoot through progressively more difficult levels.  Take your jumping and crouching to a master level as you avoid enemies, spikes, and gaps.  Collect gemstones to destroy the gems blocking your path, but don't lollygag, you're also racing the clock!

Legacy Quest is a retro inspired, 2D, side scrolling, platformer game.  This game supports WASD, Arrow Keys, and Gamepad controls to accommodate more players.  All game play, artwork, animations, sound, and music are created by Noble Valerian.  There is a full game and free demo available.  Both are available on itch.io and the demo is playable in browser there, but I was anxious to try out the marketplace features on ArtStation!

Release Notes

The full game is now free.  The marketing images in the demo game now reflect this.

You can also play the full game in browser here:  https://noblevalerian.itch.io/legacyquest

Full Game +Demo Game
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The full game features 20 levels and averages about 1 hour of game play, depending upon player skill level. The demo contains all features of the full game (minus some UI elements), but limited to 4 SMB inspired levels not found in the full game. It averages about 10 minutes of game play, depending upon player skill level. Read MoreRead Less
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