General / 22 July 2019

My Official New Home on the Web!

A good while ago I decided that coding my own website was too much of a hassle.  My needs just didn't justify it, and I didn't really have the skill or experience to add certain features I wanted.  Giving up control over design elements gave me more time to focus on other things.  That said, I feel a lot of these website builder services have always charged too much for too little.  Something was always missing or hiding behind a ridiculous upgrade.

ArtStation has steadily evolved since I discovered it, and I think the website aspect of the service might be what I need.  The theme options are limited, but all good.  The price point is simple and reasonable.  It's easy to use, and it seems like I have the majority of the features I am looking for.  Best of all, I already have an account, so there's one less place I have to go deal with stuff.  I'm being optimistic, kicking things off with a blog post, and hoping I can actually update it regularly for once.  I also expect to actively make use of the marketplace and add art prints over time.

So, there it is.  ArtStation is officially the host of my home on the web.