That's Bananas

That's Bananas is Available Now!

That's Bananas is a bluffing party game for up to 8 players, where all but one bad apple in the bunch can share in the victory (must provide your own bad apples).

That's Bananas adds a fresh theme and a unique twist to the genre! Collect 4 identical fruit cards, or be unable to play when required, and you lose. Everyone else shares in the victory!

However, a player who calls a bluff correctly earns a Banana card. Banana cards can provide increasingly devastating disadvantages to the player of your choice. Use your Banana cards at the right time, and you can ensure a group victory (or a single loss, depending on how you want to look at it)!

That's Bananas Premium?

The base version of the game is a quality printed product on quality stock, but if you're interested in increased component resilience and handling, considering purchasing That's Bananas Premium instead!

The premium version has a UV Coating and Linen Texture finish.

The UV Coating makes the components more resistant to dirt and wear, and has a tendency to make the art pop a little more.

The Linen Texture gives the game a more professional finish, but also helps improve the handling of components. For instance, cards tend to be less likely to stick together, and tend to glide more smoothly across the table.